2018 results

The 845 Rental Facilities surveyed in 2018, reported 83,769 rental units while 90,024 units were reported by the 791 facilities in 2017. 47,824 units are located in garden style facilities with 1-4 stories; 4,327 in midrise with 5-8 stories, 28,197 in high-rise with 9 stories or more, another 973 are townhouse with 2,448 in structures that were not identified and categorized as “Mixed Structure/Unknown.” In 2018, 37,172 (44.4%) units are two bedrooms, 35,520 (42.4%) are one bedrooms, 6,403 (7.6%) three bedrooms and the remaining 4,368 are efficiency units and 306 four or more bedrooms.

Number of rental units sampled 

Size of rental units

Allocation of rental unit size by city

Percent of total county units sampled by zipcode