Commission for Women

What the Commission Does and for Whom

The Commission for Women's mission is to facilitate women's full and equal participation in our community through advocacy, assistance, and education. The Commission’s primary focus is to improve women’s lives through:
  1. Identifying inequities in laws, policies, practices and procedures and;
  2. Providing recommendations that promote remedies.The Commission is staffed by an Executive Director who works with a 15-member citizen advisory panel. Commissioners are appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council to serve three-year terms, without compensation. 


    • Identify areas of gender-based inequality and disparate treatment
    • Monitor and advocate for legislation and policy
    • Conduct research and provide testimony
    • Plan and implement Women's Legislative Briefing
    • Develop publications and newsletter
    • Conduct community forums and increase community awareness
    • Liaise and reach out to diverse populations and groups
Overall satisfaction of the Commissioners with the effectiveness of the CFW’s identification of needs, problems and issues for the women of Montgomery County and the advocacy of resolution of these issues (scale of 1-5)