CountyStat is the performance management and data analytics team within the Office of the County Executive of Montgomery County, Maryland. Established in 2007 and serving under the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), CountyStat uses data strategically to monitor, assess, and improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and performance of County services, solve problems, and develop targeted action plans and strategies to deliver results for our residents, businesses, and communities. CountyStat requires decisions, actions, and policies that are driven by the extensive use of data, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and outcome-focused performance management.
Beyond our oversight role, CountyStat’s work as internal consultants ranges from one-off analyses to longer-term strategic initiatives, ensuring that our County government leverages its data to make smarter decisions and achieve better outcomes -- and champions accountability and transparency for our residents and employees. In addition to the focus on individual department performance, CountyStat is the forum to convene stakeholders when collaboration across organizational boundaries is needed to address “cross-cutting” multi-departmental efforts that share a common goal.

Collectively, our work is designed to ensure, on behalf of the CAO, the development and growth of a culture of “managing for results” in Montgomery County.

Cross Cutting Initiatives and Special Topics

There are several important issues and populations that the County effectively addresses and serves through collaborative, cross-departmental efforts. These initiatives bring together internal and external stakeholders to understand issues, design solutions, and provide the programs and services in ways that combine and leverage the varied talents and skills of people across County Government and our numerous partners.