Projects and Products

CountyStat translates data into user-friendly and informative charts, graphs, infographics, and maps to help inform strategy, executive decisions, and frontline operations. The products below bring together administrative data, public data, and data from our network of partners to assist stakeholders in and out of government to make sense of issues that matter, understand where we are, and bring data-driven insights into discussions and decision making processes.

Aging and Vulnerability Dashboards

CountyStat mapped and analyzed economic challenges facing our senior communities to help locate priority areas for aid. Click the image to explore the project.

Rental Survey Analytics

Annually, the Department of Housing and Community Affairs, through its Licensing and Registration unit surveys all Montgomery County multifamily rental facilities on tenant services, unit sizes, rent levels, occupancy and characteristics about structure types including age. Click on the image to take a deep dive into the County's Rental Data.

Food Security 

CountyStat partnered with the Montgomery County Food Council and Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services to develop an interactive data discovery tool to explore the data pertaining to the County’s Food Insecure residents and the efforts that our County and Community are taking in fighting hunger.

Food Accessibility

Explore the County's Transportation Network and it's connection and Accessibility to the Food Retail in the County. 

Self-Sufficiency Standard

CountyStat partnered with the County’s Community Action Partnership to build an interactive dashboard to determine how much income a family of a certain composition in a given place needs to adequately meet their basic needs – without public or private assistance.

Hidden Hardships 

Explores trends in the numbers and characteristics of those Montgomery County residents living in poverty. Click the image to explore interactive graphs and maps that show the complexity of economic hardship in our county.

Montgomery County Public Schools Explorer

Explore Montgomery County Public School's data and trends that are present with the educational environment of  the County's youth. 

Food Security Analysis 

The Montgomery County Food Security Plan is the blueprint for how every local business, nonprofit, government agency and resident can contribute to ensuring all County residents have access to sufficient and nutritious food.

County Demographics

Explore some of the community analytics work that has informed the civic advisory boards throughout the County.

Housing Analytics 

Explore the numbers behind the Montgomery County Maryland Housing Market.