Retaining highly qualified employees 

Teacher Turnover 

Retaining the over 12,000 professional educators is a top priority for MCPS in fostering continuous improvement of our human capital resources. MCPS  is devoted to creating an environment that is not only coveted by our teachers but also our students. 

Retention of Administrators and Supporting Staff

Retaining well-qualified employees and providing a coveted culture for both leadership and support staff is of the up most importance to MCPS and its stakeholders. Turnover measures the number of employees that are not currently in the same position that they were in the prior school year. It is important for MCPS to build tenure not only within our institution but also within individual positions to increase the collective impact of each and every position within our organization.

Teachers Hired vs Terminated Contract

  • MCPS is dedicated to mitigating the termination of teacher contracts prior to retirement, by hiring effectively and creating a coveted school environment to work in.