Human Capital Management

AT MCPS, WE RECOGNIZE THAT OUR SUCCESS today and in the future requires us to recruit, retain, and develop the best employees in public education.

Focus Areas

Increase Diversity of our teacher workforce. MCPS will maintain and improve the MCPS Professional Growth Systems (PGSs) to foster continuous improvement in our employees and provide pathways for growth and advancement.
“Our community rightly expects that we will give every child a first-class education, and that is what we are committed to doing. We want every child to graduate with a world of options and choices before them.”
      -Dr. Jack R. Smith

Human Capital by the Numbers

Number of Supporting Staff

Number of Principals 


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Number of Teachers 

Number of Paraeducators

Professional Growth Priorities  

"Our students need to see a diversity of people in all roles in the school system so that they see that their aspirations are possible," 
-Doug Prouty 

Diversity of MCPS teacher complement 

We want to build on that success and create even more opportunities for our students to be well prepared to live in our diverse community and the world beyond by learning from teachers that come from a variety of backgrounds and experience. 

Hiring and Acquiring  Top Talent

 MCPS is dedicated  to building a workforce that enhances the diversity of our schools and holds the collective belief that all students can learn at high levels and thrive in their future. To achieve this goal MCPS must hire top talent and acquire a work force that is not only diverse but also equipped at the highest level.

Acclimation and Preparation 

MCPS Moments takes a look into the the welcoming atmosphere of  MCPS as it welcomes hundreds of new teachers to the School System for the 2016-2017 School Year. 

School Based Staffing Complement

Search for your school below to analyze school staffing trends


One of the principles of the Human Capital Management Implementation and the MCPS  Professional Growth System, is to retain the talent that it has acquired and grown.