Letter from the President

Dear Friends:
On behalf of the Montgomery County Commission for Women (the “Commission”), I am proud to announce the release of A Tale of Two Counties: The 2018 Status of Women in Montgomery County Report (the “Report”). The 2018 Report provides objective data and analysis about the current state of the women in Montgomery County. It covers six main areas:
  • Demographics;
  • Women and the Economy;
  • Women and Education;
  • Women and Health;
  • Women and Public Safety; and
  • Women and Politics.
The Commission presented its last report on the Status of Women in Montgomery County in 2007. This year’s Report, the Commission’s third iteration of its decennial analysis, includes comparisons with data from the 2007 report.  It captures experiences, gains, and challenges of women in the county, enabling us to determine how Montgomery County women have fared over the last decade. 
The good news is that there is much to celebrate. Montgomery County women, on average, fared better in educational achievement, pay and employment than women living outside of the county. The Report also highlights areas that need improvement, so that all women and girls in Montgomery County, no matter their race or ethnicity, share equally in the health, prosperity, and overall well-being that so many other county residents enjoy.
As the Commission celebrates its 47th anniversary of promoting the interests of women and girls in Montgomery County, I can think of no more fitting effort than this Report. The Report’s data and analysis provide an evidence-based foundation to guide the Commission’s policy, advocacy, programming and outreach efforts in the years to come. This data will also help us inform policymakers, employers, advocates, and the public about the needs of women in the County. It is our hope that the Report will provide a blueprint for policy and action that will ultimately lead to a better quality of life for all county residents.
As you read through the report, we hope you can appreciate the tremendous efforts of Dennis Linders, volunteer Pal Doshi, and the rest of the CountyStat team who gathered and analyzed this data in a short period of time. Their expertise has also allowed the data to be delivered in a more interactive and user-friendly online experience than previous efforts. We encourage you to explore the rich content of each of the sections.
The Commission for Women would like to thank the County Executive and the County Council for their support of this project. The Commission also expresses its deep appreciation to the CountyStat team, without whom this report would not have been possible. 
Nicole Y. Drew, Esq. – President
Montgomery County Commission for Women