County Executive Marc Elrich
Transition Report 

My vision is for a more equitable and inclusive Montgomery County. My transition will gather ideas from people across our county about how we can work together to build a bright and prosperous future for everyone.

To County Executive Marc Elrich,
Together with the 222 members of your Transition Team, I am pleased to present you with our report. We are grateful to have been asked to contribute our perspectives to a document that supports your vision for a more equitable and inclusive Montgomery County, and we look forward to working with you in the years ahead to make this vision a reality for the more than one million residents and thousands of businesses who call it home.
This report is full of creative ideas and strategies drawn from the collective experience of the team members. The Team worked diligently during your transition period to craft these recommendations using the Results Based Accountability (RBA) framework, an organized system of thinking and taking action that can be used to improve the quality of life in communities and the County as a whole, starting with the ends we desire and working backwards to the means.
Your identification of seven priority outcomes for the County and selection of three associated key indicators for each was the first step in the RBA process. The Transition Team’s work involved the next steps: Reviewing the available data for each measure and assessing how we are doing, articulating “the story behind the curve,” identifying potential partners who have a role to play in improving conditions, brainstorming ideas for what works to do better, and finally proposing and prioritizing ideas and strategies.
Although the Transition Team worked in seven priority outcome groups, it became clear that none of the outcomes exists in a vacuum: Indeed, each is deeply interrelated with the others, and a variety of crosscutting themes emerged. For example, safe neighborhoods allow our youth and families to thrive, academic success contributes to a growing economy, the number of good-paying jobs makes living in the County more affordable, and so on. 
This report is only a starting point – the “first drafts” of 21 focused and nimble strategic plans for making progress on your key indicators of success.  These plans will continue to evolve as they are handed off to Outcome Leadership Teams, which will drive their implementation. 
During your campaign and since taking office, you have talked about the importance of inclusiveness – making the table bigger, giving everyone a voice, and ensuring that our residents are part of the process and co-own the outcomes. The Transition Team and your eight public listening sessions across the County showed that you are serious.  As the Transition Team Chair it was an honor to bring people together around your vision for Montgomery County, and as your Chief Administrative Officer I am inspired and energized to carry this work forward.
Andrew Kleine
Transition Team Chair and Chief Administrative Officer

County Executive Priority Outcomes

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County Executive Marc Elrich
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