Department of General Services (DGS)

What the Department Does
The Department of General Services (DGS) proactively serves the diverse business and service requirements of all County departments, providing a single point of government to government service, enabling departments to successfully complete their respective missions and, thereby, adding value to the services performed by Montgomery County to county residents.

Turn The Curve Performance Agreement Measures

Turn the Curve (TTC) is a straightforward method of problem-solving and strategic planning designed to identify ways of improving the services that the County provides to residents and other customers. It requires County departments and employees to look at problems through a different lens and go through a five-step process to identify innovative ways to improve the outcomes of the government's programs and initiatives. TTC leverages the experience and brainpower that already exists in the organization: Department directors and staff at all levels work together to develop new ways to approach their work.
Departments have completed an agreement with County leadership that formalized their TTC work. Below is a link to the complete DGS agreement, at the heart of which are the three performance measures shown in the graphs below.
Mean Distance in Miles Between Fleet Vehicle Failures
Decreasing failure frequency of vehicles in the county's fleet improves the reliability of service delivery to internal and external customers.
Average Hours to Complete Preventative Vehicle Maintenance
Decreasing the length of time that fleet vehicles are unavailable for maintenance improves vehicle availability and promotes uninterrupted service to customers.
Montgomery County Government Carbon Footprint: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Excluding Renewable Energy Credits (Thousand Metric Tons)
The county's goal of environmental sustainability includes the aim of decreasing GHG emissions from facilities and fleet.

Performance Measures 

Montgomery County departments are broken out into discrete programs for the purposes of Outcome Based Budgeting. A program is an activity or set of activities performed by County government that has:
  • identifiable costs for budgeting purposes
  • a clear public purpose and measurable results, and
  • clear lines of accountability for its performance and financial management
It is said that the “story of the program” can be conveyed in five or fewer performance measures. The following are the performance measures for programs within the Department of General Services. In our performance framework there are three categories of measures:
  • How much did we do? (quantity)
  • How well did we do it? (quality)
  • Is anyone better off? (effect or impact)

Approved Budget 

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