Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

What the Department Does and for Whom
The mission of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is to promote and ensure the health and safety of the residents of Montgomery County and to build individual and family strength and self-sufficiency. DHHS ensures delivery of a full array of services to address the somatic and behavioral health, economic and housing security, and other health and human services needs of County residents. DHHS directs, manages, administers, funds and delivers critical support for the most vulnerable residents. Services provided also include case management and advocacy services, protective services for vulnerable children and adults, and prevention services. The Department strives to provide services that:
  • Build on the strengths of our customers and the community
  • Are community-based
  • Are accessible
  • Are culturally competent
  • Are responsive to changing needs of our community
  • Are provided in collaboration with our community partners

Turn The Curve Performance Agreement Measures

Turn the Curve (TTC) is a straightforward method of problem-solving and strategic planning designed to identify ways of improving the services that the County provides to residents and other customers. It requires County departments and employees to look at problems through a different lens and go through a five-step process to identify innovative ways to improve the outcomes of the government's programs and initiatives. TTC leverages the experience and brainpower that already exists in the organization: Department directors and staff at all levels work together to develop new ways to approach their work.
Departments have completed an agreement with County leadership that formalized their TTC work. Below is a link to the complete HHS agreement, at the heart of which are the three performance measures shown in the graphs below.

Length of time family experiences homelessness (in days)
Measures the effectiveness of County's homelessness continuum of services 
Number of emergency department visits per 100,000 county population due to opioid related overdose
Indicates the County'a successful efforts in addressing  opiod related substance abuse

Diabetes-related ER visit rate per 100,000 population—age adjusted
Tracks the effectiveness of Public Health's education and awareness programming 

Department Performance Measures 

Montgomery County departments are broken out into discrete programs for the purposes of Outcome Based Budgeting. A program is an activity or set of activities performed by County government that has:
  • identifiable costs for budgeting purposes
  • a clear public purpose and measurable results, and
  • clear lines of accountability for its performance and financial management
 It is said that the “story of the program” can be conveyed in five or fewer performance measures. The following are the performance measures for programs within the Department of Permitting Services. In our performance framework there are three categories of measures:
  • how much did we do? (quantity)
  • how well did we do it? (quality)
  • is anyone better off? (effect or impact)
Administration and Support Services
The function of Administration and Support Services is to provide overall leadership, administration, and direction to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), while providing an efficient system of support services to ensure effective management and delivery of services.
Adult Protective Services
Investigates allegations of abuse, neglect, self neglect and/or exploitation of vulnerable adults. The program provides professional services to reduce risk factors and promote protection of the health, safety and welfare of endangered, vulnerable adults. A vulnerable adult is one who lacks the physical or mental capacity to provide for his/her daily needs.
Behavioral Health and Crisis Services
The mission of Behavioral Health and Crisis Services (BHCS) is to promote the behavioral health and well-being of Montgomery County residents. BHCS works to promote mental wellness, prevent substance abuse and suicide, and to ensure access to a comprehensive treatment and recovery system of effective services and support for children, youth and families, adults, and seniors in crisis or with behavioral health needs. BHCS is committed to ensuring culturally and linguistically competent care and the use of evidence-based or best practices along a continuum of care. BHCS works with the State's Behavioral Health Administration, HHS service areas, County agencies, and the community to provide strength-based and integrated services to persons in need.
Children, Youth, and Families
Children, Youth, and Family Services is to promote opportunities for children to grow up safe, healthy, ready for school, and for families and individuals to achieve well being and self sufficiency. 
Public Health Services
The functions of the Public Health Services programs are to protect and promote the health and safety of County residents. This is accomplished by monitoring health status and implementing intervention strategies to contain or prevent disease (including bioterrorism and emerging diseases); fostering public-private partnerships, which increase access to health services; developing and implementing programs and strategies to address health needs; providing individual and community-level health education; evaluating the effectiveness of select programs and strategies; and licensing and inspecting facilities and institutions affecting public health and safety.

Approved Budget 

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