Traffic Violations Data Explorer

A key piece of the County's Vision Zero effort is enforcing the rules of the road. The Montgomery County Police Department, along with State and municipal police departments, issue warnings and citations to drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.
Citations and warnings written by the Montgomery County Police Department are shared with the public via dataMontgomery. To help residents make use of this data, CountyStat has built out a series of data tools to allow anyone to see how enforcement is performed throughout the county. Explore the data below.
Pedestrian safety enforcement with police officers walking in crosswalk to enforce pedestrian right of way.

Driving under the Influence Heat Map

Based on the County's crime dataset, the map below shows the areas with the highest density of driving under the influence (DUI) arrests. The DUI data are overlayed with the Department of Liquor Control licensee data. Click the layers in the upper left-hand corner of the map to toggle a layer off and on. 

Mobile device use

Warnings and citations given to drivers using their mobile devices while driving.

Download data

Perform your own analysis of our traffic violations data at dataMontgomery
Explore crime data, including driving under the influence charges, at dataMontgomery